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    Your Downtown Fenton Holiday Shopping Guide

    Grounds dusted with snow, woolly sweaters being pulled out of storage, whiffs of pine from fresh cut trees and steaming cups of hot coco are beginning to emerge for the holiday season – oh, and that dreaded shopping list. We know that Big Box stores have all sorts of deals and Amazon prevails convenience, but these retail giants have some major shortcomings. The biggest limitation is that they aren’t a charming downtown that oozes holiday ambience like a Norman Rockwell painting. The fact of the matter is, you’re totally missing out on fully experiencing the jolliest time of the year. Instead of going online and browsing aimlessly for hours; consider shopping productively and locally this holiday season. Not only will you get all of the holiday feels, you’re also supporting your local economy.

    Not quite sure on where to start? We took the privilege of compiling a list of local businesses to shop this holiday season!

    Red Fox Outfitters

    Red Fox utfitters is the foolproof place to shop for the outdoorsy types. With season-round outdoor sports gear, you’re destined to find the perfect gift. The store gives off this earthy mood which reflects in the merchandise. Employees are extremely friendly and will be elated to help you find what you’re looking for.


    For the sweet-toothed people in your life, a gift from Crust can’t be beat. Located right in downtown Fenton, Crust baking company has been around since 2012, and in the last five years has perfected the culinary art. Food is the quintessential gift for someone who seems to have it all. Swing by Crust and pick up a pastry or bread loaf for the trickiest people on your shopping list.

    Iron Grate

    Quaint and full of holiday appeal, Iron Gate is a one-stop-shop for gifting. Aromatic candles, trendy decor, and succulents to refresh your home for those missed summer vibes. There is something here for literally everyone on your list – from jewelry to children’s clothes to blankets. To be quite honest, you will most likely find a few things for yourself. As the saying goes, treat yourself.

    Bridgestreet Exchange

    We know this isn’t downtown Fenton, but we couldn’t skip it. Bridgestreet Exchange lives by the motto “great stuff for great guys.” The men on your list are bound to appreciate the variety of male items- from clothing to grooming sets. Located in Linden, this Gentleman’s emporium is sure to impress.

    Sweet Variations


    Sweet Variations is another tasty shop for the sweet people on your list. They have a wide range of handmade chocolates and candies. This sweet shop has recently been relocated from downtown Fenton to Fenton Road, yet has maintained high quality through the move. Visit their facebook page for more.

    Sugar Shack

    Contrary to it’s name, Sugar Shack is not a candy store. However, what you’ll find there is just as sweet. From furniture to journals, the Sugar shack fulfills the homey side of the holidays. Sugar Shack is a perfect place to shop for something delicate. Not to mention, the Sugar Shack hosts a variety of activities that all community members are welcome to. For more info on these events, visit their website.



    Need a gift for the hostess with the mostest? A co-worker perhaps? Gerych’s is the right place to shop for anyone special in your life. Even if you’re looking to decorate for the christmas party, Gerych’s can suit your needs. The warm atmosphere is welcoming, and employees are happy to help you find the perfect arrangement.

    Pipsqueak Boutique

    Swing by downtown Fenton’s child-size boutique for those trendy kids on your list. Or heck, even for your kids Christmas outfits! The Pipsqueak Boutique is Fenton’s Children’s Upscale Consignment Shop, with perfectly adorable clothing in children’s sizes. For more info, visit their website.

    There you have it. Though there are several other shops in downtown Fenton and Linden, we hope you discover those gems as well. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and you are able to soak up

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