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    Marketing Your Home

    When you hire the John Wentworth to sell your home, our team employs our Exclusive Marketing Plan to get your home the maximum amount of exposure it deserves and create a sense of urgency and competition regardless of market conditions causing your home to sell for more money in less time.

    Social Media Marketing

    Facebook recently reached 1 BILLION views in a single day! We capitalize on this traffic and their advanced targeting technology to strategically place your home in front of the audience that we think would be the most likely buyer for your home. We are able to generate thousands of local views in a matter of days for your home by creating a compelling ad causing them to look, like and share your home.

    Cinematic Property Views

    If the age old saying is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, than a professional cinematic property video must be worth a million! We create Full HD Cinematic Property Videos for our client’s homes. We employ only the best professional videographers to bring your home to life, causing it to almost jump off the screen! Our videos create an emotional reaction by the consumers causing them to want to see your

    HD Photography

    With over 97% of today’s home buyers starting their searches online, professional photography for your home has almost become a non-negotiable. Home buyers today have already made a decision whether they could envision their selves in your home by the photos that represent your home. Unfortunately, the large majority of photos being used in MLS by average agents are sub-standard and of poor quality. When you list your home with me, we hire only the best professional photographers in the industry to capture your home’s unique features. This creates more showings and therefor generates more offers.

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